Human skin is the largDay&Night Serum Fondoest depository of adult stem cells in the body but the decrease of stem cell activity caused by the pass of time leads to skin deterioration. Also the level of cell energy gets affected by the daily rhythmic activity cycle based on 24- hours intervals, the circadian rhythm.

A good cell oxygenation, performed by the mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of the cells, will be vital to maintain the stem cells under perfect condition.



NEWBORN uses a mixture of Glycoproteins, Glutamic Acid, Valine and Threonine to boost the level of cell energy.

One of the most important ingredient in our formula is plant stem cells from hydrolyzed peas. These have a repairing action on the skin cells and an anti-aging effect. This stimulates the collagen production and fights chronologic aging.

NEWBORN also contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinol and antioxidants to fight aging. Skin renewal is optimized and the skin glows and looks radiant.