Professional make up artist & top blogger Alexandra Aronsson 

“A magical serum (Newborn serum) for both day & night from Plantscience skincare. It feels like a dream on your skin, cooling lovely, jellylike, and rich formula at the same time. It melts on your skin, and i almost cried when the bottle was empty”

Professional make up artist Maria “Sminkmaria” Person, works with Swedish Tv productions “Let´s Dance”,”Bonde söker fru”,”Så mycket bättre ” Top celebrities etc. 

“So happy everytime i try a new product that suits my sensitive skin. My skin feels soft, almost silky of these products, (X3 Booster, Newborn serum and Repair +). Big plus that they are vegan!” Instagram @sminkmaria

Beauty Blogger / Influencer “Annettes Beautybox”

“I have tested their Repair+ Cream, which is a repairing day / night cream with Phyto soy placenta. I think it feels great on the skin, it feels “healthy” if you know what i try to say, but it feels lovely and it absorbes quickly without leaving the skin greasy, just amazing. My skin seems to like it too, and looks fresh radiant and healthy”

Happy customers reviews

“I know i said it before, but i really love Newborn serum, it makes miracles for me!!” Pia Ahren, Plantscience skincare Facebook

Picture + text by AA.


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